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Sell a house for cash is brought to you by a group of property cash buyers. Or at least we were.

That was before the credit crunch and then the election.

We’re bracing ourselves for further falls in the market.

However. You can still sell a house for cash.


There are problems to avoid of course.

We’ll talk you through your options.

How to negotiate for a fair price. You can just as easily undersell as oversell.

Where to find cash buyers. Different types of cash sale. Everything you need for selling your property for cash!

So if you’re asking:

  • Where do I find people with cash in their pockets during a downturn?
  • How much can I expect for my property?
  • What compromises will I have to make?
  • How will I know I can trust a cash offer?
  • Who I can turn to to help me evaluate a cash offer for my house?
  • What are the pitfalls I need to avoid?
  • We’ll be back buying for cash when the market has bottomed out. Maybe 2012.

    Until then this blog let’s us keep our toe in the water.