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Selling A House For Cash Tip – Negotiations

Views on how best to negotiate on selling a house for cash differ widely.

Some are of the opinion that if the chips are down revealing your position will weaken your negotiating position.

Well yes and no.

If you are pressed for a quick cash property sale, not revealing the extent of your difficulties may cause the sale to unravel. You have mortgage arrears, but you “forget” the true extent. You don’t reveal you are bankrupt or in a Trust Deed.

You must relocate by a certain date..the list goes on.

As property buyers ourselves (albeit largely resting ones!), we have been on the receiving end of half truths. In the end it can completely scupper your sale.

To counter the notion that you need to be economical with the truth, you can imrpove your position by discussing your situation with more than company.

A sympathetic property buying company, and there are some, really need to have the full picture to be able to help you sell your house for cash.

Definite no nos are:

Not doing your sums correctly on how much has to be paid off;
Not discussing how to sell with other family members;
Dismissing unsecured debt as unimportant;
Failing to flag up your “must haves”;
Failing to get everything in writing..;
Only contacting one firm or contacting more than 4.

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