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Selling A House For Cash

Selling a house for cash means finding someone with cash. Or does it?

We’ll come back to that question later.

A cash buyer of property can come from a number of places:

Through an estate agent

Property auction

Through an investor

Through a property buying company. Estate agent property buyers if you will.

In response to a private ad.

Are all these types of cash buyer the same? No

If you will, different terms and conditions apply to all of these.

Selling A House For Cash – Best Starting Point

However it’s well known that there are a surprising number of us who are mortgage free in the UK. That translates into a cash buyer.

Just like our friend Nicky, who sold up in London recently to move to Kent. She was literally walking around with £300,000 in her pocket. Estate agents loved her! There are other people like Nicky walking around. Our advice would be that a cash buyer sourced through an estate agent will give you the best possible price.

It’s always worth asking a few agents if they have cash buyers on their books for your type of property. These sales can be done and dusted in four weeks flat.

But if selling a house for cash means selling faster you may have to look elsewhere. There are a number of experienced property buying companies around.

Here we need to make a distinction between lead sellers such as Network Property Buyers and “companies” who will buy directly from you. MPG Investments is one. You can think of companies like this as estate agent property buyers. But rather than find you a buyer they will buy from you directly.

We’ll talk more about that later.

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